03 June 2005

Source SDK Update Released

A Source SDK update is available and will be applied automatically when Steam is restarted. The changes include:

New Features to the Source SDK
  • Included source code for alternative player physics - improves player interaction with physics objects in multiplayer. Look for code that references the sv_turbophysics ConVar
  • Added hl2mp model animation sources under sourcesdk_content\hl2mp\modelsrc\player\player_male_anims.qc and player_female_anims.qc
  • Added a sample skeleton for use with MotionMapper under sourcesdk_content\generic\modelsrc\heavy_walk.smd. This can be used with various HL2MP animations (like hl2mp\modelsrc\combine_soldier_xsi\reload_standing.smd). It is meant for use as the second parameter on the MotionMapper command line
  • Added MotionMapper template files (referenced by documentation) under SourceSDK\Bin\MotionMapperTemplates
  • Fixed compiling shaders with spaces in the MOD path.
  • Added files for the VertexLitGeneric shader under the src\sdkshaders\advanced directory (when you install the source code)

These issues have been resolved
  • Updated MotionMapper and its code to the latest version
  • Fixed qc_eyes outputting a wrong filename in the QC text

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