04 June 2008

Day of Defeat: Source Beta Update Released

Updates to Day of Defeat: Source Beta have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The specific changes include:

Day of Defeat: Source Beta
  • Added Steamworks stats
  • New team identifier icons as rewards for completing achievements - 1 per class achievement, and 1 for completing all achievements
  • Added cvar dod_friendlyfiresafezone - units around the player where they will do no direct damage on FF on servers ( default 100 units )
  • Dropping a weapon in the spawn and changing class will now fizzle out the dropped weapon
  • Fixed unducking while jumping potentially getting you stuck in the roof
  • Player model fixes to address the 'left peek' issue
  • Fixed kb_act default binding for large map being broken
  • Marked r_screenfademinsize and r_screenfademaxsize as cheats
  • Players now respawn even if they have the class menu up - changing class will respawn them instantly now
  • Fixed "Don't Tread On Me" achievement triggering off of bomb defuses
  • Fixed long range rocket achievement being awarded when you kill an ironsight k98 or garand
  • Fixed picking up an mg42 with an empty clip playing the wrong animation
  • Achievement progress now stored in steam
  • Added more default crosshairs
  • Adjusted scoreboard to make the local player a bit more readable

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